Terms & Conditions

2 Man Crew

Our operation consists of 2 man crews, one climber and a groundsman. There is an option of adding a laborer if the tree wood needs to be moved once it is cut down or if it is already on the ground.



We request that all payments are made on completion of the work, or soon afterwards, either on the day or the next day following.



If you send us photos and we give you an estimate of cost, this is not a quote. We still charge for the time we are there, regardless of the accuracy of the estimate. An exception to this is if we make it clear that this is a fixed quote. In this case I will specifically send you a message saying that we have entered into a fixed quote with description of the work which may include removing branches from the site.


Pricing with travel – BOOKINGS

We ask that all customers view and understand our pricing on our website amanwithachainsaw.com.au.

We have 2 rates. A half day ($1280) and a full day ($1995).

Our half day is 4 hours and the time starts from when we leave Muswellbrook. If you live 30 minutes from Muswellbrook, you will have 3 hours onsite. If we go over 3 hours onsite, we are now there for a full day.

Our full day is 7 hours, but this rate allows for 1 hour travel to the job and 1 hour return travel to Muswellbrook that is not charged. If we go over the allowed time, we then charge $220 per hour for the extra time. For example, if you live 1.5 hours from Muswellbrook, that is 3 hours to and from. We allow 2 hours to and from. Which will then leave 6 hours onsite from a full day rate.

Our Full Day with the Crane also allows for 1 hour travel to the job and an hour return, and our Half Day with the Crane is 4 hours, minus travel to and from the job.

Note all travel is measured from Muswellbrook, however travel may be measured from another job which is closer
to your property if we are working there and we agree to calculate the distance in this way.

We offer no refunds on time that is not used by the customer.



Emergency work is work that is attended to within 24 hours. Emergency work is charged at $440 p/h. We charge the same rate for travel to and from the job. Laborers are charged at $66 p/h.


Removal of tree wood

The 2 Man crew rates do not include removal of any tree wood from the work site.


Laboring work

Unless you request to bring an extra laborer, the tree wood will be left on the ground nearby to where the tree stood. This wood can be cut into smaller pieces. Our cost for an extra laborer is $330 full day or $220 half day. This laborer can move and stack the pieces of tree wood in a specified location decided on by the customer.


Increase of cost

When it draws near to the point where we need to increase our rate to either a full day from a half day or an extra hour charge on a full day we will communicate with you the customer and give you the choice to either stop at the allocated time or continue with the increased charge.


Crane use

A Full day with Crane operating is $6600.00, Half day is $4400.00. The full day allows for 1 hour to and 1 hour back, half day travel eats into the time onsite, the same as the pricing for full and half days without the crane.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarity.


Please confirm that you have read and understood.


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